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Volunteering @ Love Grows

Checkout some of the things that we have recently been doing.


In the morning we do tasks that help build the school, sometimes we build houses and other structures out of local materials. Many of our walls are made from clay and straw.

Yoga Palace

We like to start the day with stretching and warming our bodies, if there is a Yoga teacher amongst the group, they can lead the practice.  Our lounge also has a bookcase and space to chill.

permacultura colombia

Daily tasks

Group working is part of our morning schedule. We do different tasks and try to vary the tasks from day to day. Sometimes in the garden, or part of a reforestation project or getting your hands dirty with clay!

What people say

I had the most wonderful experience here! Russ is very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher and overall super cool dude. I learned about some building techniques and we were working on making bricks and building with them on the house which was a fun and messy learning



We spent a bit more than two weeks at this project and loved the place! Be prepared to reconnect with a more natural lifestyle following the cycle of the sun and moon and to enjoy the vibrant nature that surrounds you (indlucing beautiful spiders, tiny scorpions and little fishes nibbling at you when you go for a swim in the river).

Yves & Lara


We had a very nice experience. Thanks to Russ and his classes, we discovered the basic principles of permaculture where we could also debate freely about our thoughts and opinions. We practiced it during our 3 hours of daily work, with tasks such as bioconstruction. Russ is very attentive It was a pleasure to exchange with him and with the other volunteers.

Caroline & Jordane


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