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  • How bad those chemicals are for you and your families health and the environmental impact they have.

  • How to naturally reduce pest problems without the need for toxic chemicals.

  • How to create natural fertilizers to grow your plants so you don't need to use toxic chemicals.

  • What Permaculture is and how you can use it, to design a better life. 

Watch this free mini course, it will give you an insight into what Permaculture is and how you can use it in your life.

Clear information about Permaculture and its solutions to many of the problems we face in our daily lives.

Gain ideas of how you can use Permaculture design in your life.

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  • Save money and time, in your home and garden.

  • Understand the problems of our current food system.

  • Learn how to easily grow healthy food in your own garden.

See what others say about this free resource

Love this course Russ! I can't believe its free.  A great combination of academic and practical information.

Steve Mukensabl- Business Owner

I particularly liked how you kept the individual topics short, clear clips of relevant information - keeping it simple so to speak. I also enjoyed how you tackled the diversity in permaculture with making it personal - getting the listener to think about it from their perspective be it location or role in their immediate community. Overlapping with the keeping it simple and short.

M. Schafer

Russ makes Permaculture accessible to all levels of knowledge. A great free resource

Paul- Proffesional Dancer