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Are you concerned about all the chemicals being sprayed on your food?

In this new video course, I will share with you the easy steps that you need to take, to transform your garden, quickly, into your own farmers market that will feed you and your family and be an amazing asset to the nature all around you.

Permaculture design Can help You Fast track your garden or farm Into an organic farmers market.

Most food that you buy in the supermarket has been sprayed with around 15 chemicals that will end up in your body and impact your health

Become a holistic regenerative gardener or designer and let the garden do the gardening by understanding how nature works

In this video series I show you how to understand holistically your climate and location, using this knowledge you can grow abundantly and regeneratively.

  • Discover your green powers

  • Quick to implement the lessons and master the concepts

  • Discover how little time it takes

  • Full support given and a community

  • You will be able to build a garden

  • You will discover where to find solutions

  • You will discover how to grow vegetables and fruits to feed you and your family.

  • I am going to hold your hand and be available to answer your questions

Click The Link Below To Enrol for This transformational online video course Learn how to create a garden that will feed you amazing organic food.

+I have created a course that in less than 10 hours will give you clear instruction to be able to create wonderful holistic systems.

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Today You pay only $197 or two instalments of $99 over 2 months for the full course access. 4 days Try before you Buy Money back guarantee if its not what you wanted, Secure checkout.

"This Course Gave Me Green Powers!"

See what other customers are saying about this brand new course 

"Permaculture has changed my life"

"Love, goodwill and passion that is what caught my heart during Russ' courses. Those moments in life when a seed is being planted into your soul and just gets growing. It felt like someone showed me the true colour of life. It was so simple and yet powerful at the same time. Thank you Russ for this enlightenment, enabling to make Permaculture a part of my life."

Anthony Paris, France

"We use the knowledge that Russ taught us almost everyday."

"Thanks Russ. I'm currently in Geffen, The Netherlands. Jeske and I are long term volunteers on a 'nature farm'. Coming months we're going to plant over 2500 trees here, mainly species with edible parts. I can honestly say that our stay at Love Grows inspired us to make this step, so thank you for that! I still have your permaculture lessons in my mind with the choices that I make here every day. Please continue with inspiring people, like you did to us."

Jeske and Freek. Holland.

"It gave me new ideas and concepts"

"I had the opportunity to receive an introduction to Permaculture principles by Russ. It was really amazing as it gave me the opportunity to consider new ideas and concept. Russ is a great teacher. He is extremely knowledge, explains concepts really clearly with lots of practical examples! It was a very interesting training, that I recommend to anyone with interest In nature and wanting to question our current lifestyle! Thank you Russ !!!"

Katarina Paris, France.

"I Believe everyone should have the knowledge to grow amazing, healthy organic food in their garden.  It does not take long or need much space. Come with me I will show you how."

I grew up in the UK and lived in a city with a garden, my parents have always been keen gardeners. I wanted to be a park ranger as a boy and have since an early age always liked nature. I studied plant Biology at University but I never really grew my own food or saw the need to. My passion for plants and nature was reignited after I spent time in India as a volunteer and then continued to travel. I saw the devastation that humans have created in our search for better lives and I started to question many aspects of my own life. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see first hand projects that were working and producing great organic food, and at the same time learning more about how destructive our current industrial food production systems are, and the health issues that many people are now facing because of the food they consume. I decided to take action and start my own school where we could grow organic food and live a sustainable regenerative lifestyle and share that with others. I have for the past years taught hundreds of people this permaculture course at my farm Love Grows in Colombia. I have seen people arrive with almost no knowledge and leave a few weeks later, transformed and empowered to be able to start their own garden and take back control over their food. I believe that everyone should be given the knowledge to grow their own food, it does not have to be a full time job, just a few hours a week will serve for most people. Once you understand how nature likes things, you too can set up your garden and not have to do too much other than harvest and a bit of maintenance, the benefit to you will be amazing healthy tasty food surrounded by nature your own garden of Eden. Come with me, I want to show you how easy it can be.

Russell Manning

Permaculture Teacher

Click here to grow healthy food

Today You pay only $197 one time or 2 instalments of $99 over two months. 4 days Try before you Buy Money back guarantee if its not what you wanted, Secure Checkout

Look how other people have transformed their gardens.

Every garden is different, you can design what is appropriate for your climate, your needs and your personal tastes, within the framework of Permaculture design.

But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

See what other students are saying about this course...

"Russ, has a really easy approach"

Bruno Jan 2021.

"I have some clear steps to implement Permaculture..."

Alex Jan 2021.

"It was great for me !"

Benedict Jan 2021.

Let Me Give You A Sneak Peek 

See what's inside the course and what topics are covered in depth

    Chapter 1: An introduction to Permaculture its components and history

  • Learn how Permaculture came into being and who created it

  • Learn how Russell became involved in Permaculture and regenerative practices.

  • Learn why our current agricultural system is so destructive

  • Discover how to plan your Permaculture system.

  • Understand what a holistic system is and how you can create one..

    Chapter 2: Understanding my soil

  • Discover what makes soil fertile or not

  • Learn how to create compost and potting mix

  • Understand the difference between Acid or Alkaline soils

  • Learn if it is good to turn your soil or not.

  • Discover how you can feed your plants using simple healthy methods

    Chapter 3: Trees and their enegy transactions

  • Understand clearly why trees are so important to the health of our planet

  • Discover how you can protect your crops from damaging winds

  • Learn how you can increase the rainfall across a country

  • Learn the secrets to reforesting the right way.

  • Gain better yields from your fruit trees by planting good neighbours

    Chapter 4: Water; capture, storage, saving and irrigation

  • Learn how to collect rainwater safely

  • How to reduce the water your house uses and reduce your bills

  • How clean is the water you are drinking?

  • How to reduce the irrigation needs of your crops.

  • Learn the best way to store water for you house and garden needs

    Chapter 5: Pattern understanding and use in design

  • As a designer we need a pattern eye.  Learn what that means and how to use your pattern eye, for best advantage.

  • Patterns have been used for millennia to help store important information, learn more inside.

  • The use of edge can increase your crop yield significantly if you understand how to use it.

  • Have you ever wanted to grow herbs for your kitchen, but do not have much space? Learn how to use a herb spiral and enjoy fresh herbs wherever you are.

  • Did you know the moon has a big effect on plants?  Learn how to benefit from the moon cycle.

    Chapter 6: Garden beds, Seeds and bio-construction

  • Learn which garden beds are right for your climate

  • Reduce your houses heating and cooling costs by using climbing plants

  • Understand where to get the best seeds and how to germinate them

  • Ever wondered if GMO is really good for you, lets take a look...

  • Bio-construction could be the best thing for you, lets talk about the basics.

  • Click here to grow healthy food

    Today You pay only $197 one time or 2 instalments of $99 over 2 months for the full course.

    4 days Try before you Buy Money back guarantee if its not what you wanted, Secure Checkout

Take the course and see the results for yourself...

Discover how to design regenerative sustainable systems?

  • This course can take from you where you are right now to where you want to be in a very short span of time

  • This course is designed for anyone to understand the content and be able to implement it today.

  • This course is relevant wherever you live, and will give you a structure you can use to build your dream.

  • Click here to grow healthy food

    Today You pay only $197 one time or 2 instalments of $99 over 2 months, for the full course access.

    4 days Try before you Buy Money back guarantee if its not what you wanted, Secure Checkout