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“The path to your heart to reconnect with the power of your being”

By Sandrine Girardeau – Empowerment coach


Because you are much more that you can imagine, I will guide you to discover and become the amazing person you are by opening to your heart and your intuitive vision, to achieve the extraordinary life you never dream of.

During a retreat of 9 days we will be using intuitive singing, spontaneous writing, authentic movement, conversation and genuine touch.

Your heart is the center of your higher self where all your words, feelings and actions are unified in perfect harmony, allowing you to manifest the most extraordinary dreams for you and humanity. 

The achievement to be able to listen to your heart and experience this magic happening is the result of precise and constant practice, which we will accomplish with a lot of love and honesty in order to unify all the states of your being.

The ability to give and receive unconditional love to you and others is the essence and the main quality that we will develop by elevating our consciousness.


I help you unlock your true potential by removing your limiting beliefs using my experience as a coach.

To learn more about taking a self development course either online on in person please get in touch.

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Helping the world to connect and regenerate

Our mission is to help our generation to reconnect with nature and their own nature so that we can co-create a regenerative world.  One that we all want to live in and we work together.


Permaculture definition; an ethical design science that helps people design and build holistic, sustainable, regenerative food growing and community housing systems.

Self Development

We are all shaped by our education, our culture and our beliefs.  By being aware of our belief systems we can be conscious choices about the decisions we make and the actions that we take.


By being in nature and connecting with our planet, eating healthy and cleansing ourselves we can heal and transform.


Now more than ever we need to reach out those around us and form alliances, work together towards common goals that are aligned with ethics that benefit our planet and each other.


Permaculture courses and self development courses are an investment in yourself.  As you go through your personal journey, having the right tools to succeed is everything.  We can help you find those tools.

Love and intuition

All you need is love, yes its true, and through your heart you can find intuition.  These are amazing tools, we can help you develop.

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